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Plastic Ammo Box: 6 ammo box's for 38SPL & 357 ammo. plus shipping. C$12.00 25d 04h 07m
45 ACP Box: For sale is some new 45 ACP folding ammo box's . 2 bundles . one with 19 box's & other 20 box's total 29 box's . $ 25.00 plus shipping. C$25.00 25d 04h 08m
Speer .30 Cal. Bullets: Speer 30 cal. 308 bullets 110 gr. hollow point 100 per box 27.00 each plus shipping. C$27.00 25d 04h 09m
43 Mauser Bullets: For sale are some 43 Mauser lead bullets. Discription in the pic. $ 28.00 per 50 plus shipping. C$28.00 25d 04h 08m
Brass 7.62x39: One bag of new Win. 7.62x39 brass Bag of 50. $ 30.00 plus shipping. C$30.00 25d 04h 06m
m1 carbine case gage: M1 carbine case length gage . New. Plus shipping. C$30.00 25d 04h 08m
M1 Carbine Brass: M1 carbine brass one or 2 time fired mix head stamps . Clean, trimmed & flared . & 50.00 per 100 plus shipping. C$50.00 25d 04h 06m
Win. 223 Cal.: Win. 223 cal ammo 4 box's . plus shipping. C$75.00 25d 04h 07m
Civil War Tools: Civil war musket tools . 2 tools . 45.00 each plus shipping. Check ammo & supplies for more stuff. C$90.00 25d 04h 07m
M1 Carbine Parts: G.I. M1 carbine type 2 slides $ 135.00 each plus shipping. Also have other parts for sale C$135.00 25d 04h 06m


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