Listing Service Rules and Policies

Please review our listing service rules and policies.

Listing Service Rules and Policies

Postby SupportTeam » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:00 am

** Please be advised that failure to comply to any of the rules or policies set here will result in a warning being issued, and possibly temporary or permanent suspension of your membership. There are absolutely no exceptions so please review often and read carefully.

One of the unique aspects of our listing service is the fact it is 100% self serve and real-time based. Listings that are submitted appear in real-time without pre-screening. For this reason it is extremely essential our members understand the rules around creating listings, and we do our best to ensure members have organized information and access to the guidelines in place. We have provided that here in our member support forums.

This means however that we rely heavily on the integrity of our members to maintain a reputable listing service offered to members. For this reason, we can not tolerate any aspect of abuse or non-compliance to our rules and policies.

In accordance to your membership agreement please adhere to the following rules & policies:

Seller & Listings:

1.) Listings can not contain any contact information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, internet messenger information, mobile device pins, etc.

2.) External links or URL's are not permitted in listings.

3.) Do not edit and update your listing as SOLD. If your item sells somewhere else other than on this site then you should remove the listing promptly to avoid another member from trying to buy it.

4.) Listings can not contain any asking prices or express minimum offers accepted. You must use the appropriate listing type (auction-style or fixed-price) to post your listing.

5.) Our listing service does not offer trades, or wanted ads at this time. This maybe something provide in the near future but for now our listings can only faciliate the buying and selling process.

6.) GunAddicts is a listing service. Users are prohibited from contacting other members to solicit the sale, purchase, trade or exchange of items with other members. Please use the listing service.

7.) We reserve the right to modify your listing(s) where we deem fit. In most cases, you will be contacted and advised of the change.


1.) If you place a bid or buy an item from a seller you are committed under contract to complete the transaction.

Do not bid on an item if you have no intention of buying it, and only place a bid up to the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Remember, even if you are outbid, you may actually end up winning an auction if for example a winning bid is retracted by administration. For this reason, you should only bid if you want the item.

2.) Cancelling a bid will require you to provide documented reason for the action.

3.) Failure to complete a purchase on a transaction for any reason will result in a warning. Be sure to ask all questions before the listing ends, not after. Again, if you bid, you win, you pay.

4.) Sellers can not be responsible for information you fail to ask. If a listing is vague or the seller does not return private messages then do not bid or buy the item. These types of sellers should be avoided.

Canceling a Listing:

An auction-style listing can be canceled at anytime whether or not it has bids on it, but you will be required to provide a documented reason for the cancellation. You can cancel a listing by logging into your account, viewing the listing, and following the cancel link.

While it is generally understood that an item may be listed elsewhere, and in turn may sell elsewhere, please consider that an auction-listing in essence is a "live sale". It is extremely disappointing for anyone who is bidding on your item to have it end because it was sold somewhere else. When auction-style listings are canceled on our site it does not go a long way to further promoting the use of the site so it is definitely frowned upon by It is therefore highly recommended that if a seller is planning to list their item(s) for sale on multiple services that they do not use the auction-style listing and instead chose the fixed-price listing format.

If at anytime during our periodic review of member activity we find what we feel is excessive use of the listing cancellation feature, a warning will be issued to the member along with a written explanation of the infraction.


1.) GunAddicts does not get involved in the arbitration or dispute between members. The service is meant to be simple. If you have had a successful transaction, the seller has provide you with valid, truthful and accurate information according to what questions you asked, and has shipped you the item as agreed - this deserves a postive feedback rating.

2.) GunAddicts will not retract, edit or modify any feedback submitted by members. Use of vulgar words, insults or profanity in member feedback will immediately result in a warning being issued, and possibly the suspension or termination of your membership with

Thank you,
- SupportTeam
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