Vendor slow to contact buyer question?

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Vendor slow to contact buyer question?

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:15 am

humble wrote:
silverado2 wrote:I cannot seem to find in your service rules and policies how a transaction is actually completed. if you are not allowed to provide contact information how is the item actually obtained by the buyer? Although I am happy this site has been established navigatiing through it is quite difficult.

I simply woudl like to know what the process is after you have purchased an item. that is how is payment sent and item recieved?


Suggested Transaction procedure:

1) Buyer wins auction or listing
2) Seller contacts buyer through a messages and requests an email address for further communication
3) Seller then emails the buyer and requests:
-payment and includes instructions (ie. money order, cash, EMT, certified cheque)
-required shipping information such as Name, Address, Phone number
-required transfer information such as PAL # (for firearms)
3) Buyer sends the information [would be a good idea for Buyer to request Sellers real name and contact information]
4) Payment is received by the Seller
5) For firearms, transfer must take place through the RCMP
6) Item is then mailed/delivered/sent/dropped-off in accordance with shipping regulations.

I have purchased a gun several days ago and the vendor has not contacted me.
I have sent the vendor a pm with my contact information and a request for payment information.
What happens now and how long do I wait before I give up?

Re: Vendor slow to contact buyer question?

Postby SupportTeam » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:33 pm

If it's been a considerable amount of time, let's say over one week, the best thing to do is contact through the Contact link on the main page and let us know the situation. If you have bid on an item, or have won and do not hear back from anyone, we can do a couple checks to see if your messages got through or it the member has logged on recently.

It could be they went on vacation, (or hunting) trip and have limited access to a computer and possibly even that they forgot they have a listing on the go.

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