Cancel a Listing for auction

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Cancel a Listing for auction

Postby amiga » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:56 am

What is the rules on Cancel a Listing on a auction if there are bids and you can sell your item locally.
I have not seen anything on this subject here.
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Re: Cancel a Listing for auction

Postby SupportTeam » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:35 pm

An auction-style listing can be canceled at anytime whether or not it has bids on it, but you will be required to provide a documented reason for the cancellation. You can cancel a listing by logging into your account, viewing the listing, and following the cancel link.

While it is generally understood that an item may be listed elsewhere, and in turn may sell elsewhere, please consider that an auction-listing in essence is a "live sale". It is extremely disappointing for anyone who is bidding on your item to have it end because it was sold somewhere else. When auction-style listings are canceled on our site it does not go a long way to further promoting the use of the site so it is definitely frowned upon by It is therefore highly recommended that if a seller is planning to list their item(s) for sale on multiple services that they do not use the auction-style listing and instead chose the fixed-price listing format.

If at anytime during our periodic review of member activity we find what we feel is excessive use of the listing cancellation feature, a warning will be issued to the member along with a written explanation of the infraction.

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